2024-2025 Budget Priorities

Enacting a responsible, balanced state budget

Strengthening our commitment to students and schools and empowering Hoosier families

Supporting Hoosier women and families

  • Builds on investments made in SEA 2-2022ss – ▫Investments include housing supports for expectant mothers and vulnerable youth ($5M), Nurse Family Partnership ($15M/year), Real Alternatives ($4M/year), Maternal & Child Health ($8.2M/year), Safety Pin ($11M/year), and My Healthy Baby ($3.3M/year)
  • Increases funding for On-My-Way Pre-K – ▫Expands eligibility to 138% FPL (from 127% FPL), Increases annual grant cap from $6,800 to $7,500
  • Doubles funding for sexual assault victims’ assistance to $4M each year
  • Increases funding to $300K each year for All Pro Dads to promote fatherhood and parent/child engagement
  • Funds the Commission on Improving the Status of Children
  • Increases the dependent child exemption to $3,000 for the first year a child is claimed as a dependent

Investing in Health and Human Services

  • Medicaid Assistance
    • Funds the Governor’s proposed Medicaid reimbursement rate increases for dentists, home health agencies, and other waiver services providers and adds $20M in FY 24 and $40M in FY 25 to increase reimbursement for physician services to 90% of Medicare (vs. 83%)
  • Local Public Health
    • Appropriates $75M in FY 24 and $150M in FY 25 to support a public/private partnership approach to local public health services
  • Mental Health
    • Appropriates $10M for regional mental health facility grants to support a regional approach to mental health services for incarcerated individuals
    • Provides an additional $1M each year for child behavioral health services
    • Adds $6.5M in each year to provide reimbursement for services provided by community mental health centers in the group home setting
  • DCS provider rate increases
    • Includes $38.5M across FY 24 and FY 25 for rate increases for home and community-based services
  • Supports Indiana veterans with $1M each year for suicide prevention and $2M each year for career and relocation assistance

Investing in economic development strategies that grow population and jobs

  • Funds the Residential Housing Infrastructure Assistance Program (HB 1005)
  • Appropriates $500M for the READI 2.0 program in FY 23
  • Expands uses the READI grants to include initiatives that support mental health, public health, housing infrastructure, and broadband expansion
  • Creates a $500M deal closing fund for the IEDC to pursue transformative economic development projects
  • Establishes a $150M revolving fund for site acquisition to complement the IEDC’s deal closing fund
  • Provides start-up funding for IU Indianapolis and PU Indianapolis
  • Provides $4.5M in annual state support for K-12 robotics competitions

Making strategic one-time investments that deliver results

  • Appropriates $1.25B in FY 23 to finish the remaining capital projects originally funded in the 2021 budget•
  • Appropriates $300M over the biennium to tackle deferred maintenance projects for state assets
  • Provides the $10M state match needed to land a transformative early literacy grant from the Lilly Foundation
  • Cash funds the top capital project priority of each state university
  • Appropriates $15M for land conservation and $50M for Next Level Trails

Strengthening our Commitment to Public Safety and Justice

  • Provides funding to increase starting salaries for state troopers to $70,000 per year
  • Provides a corresponding increase to the pay matrices for Conservation Officers, Gaming Agents and Excise Police
  • Appropriates $60M across the biennium for juvenile justice initiatives (HB 1361)
  • Appropriates additional funds to DHS to improve regional firefighter training sites, enhance EMS readiness, and implement the PFAS biomonitoring pilot project (HB 1219)
  • Fully funds the Supreme Court’s requests for problem-solving courts and court technology

Other Budget Highlights

  • Increases funding for graduate medical education residency Programs
  • Increases university operating appropriations by 4% in FY 24 and an additional 2% in FY 25
  • Provides $5M to Purdue University to upgrade laboratory facilities at the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (ADDL)
  • Fully funds the state’s financial aid programs at the projected expenditure levels for both fiscal years
  • Funds an additional $50 for a 13th check in FY 24 and FY 25 for retired public employees (traditional 13th checks are authorized and funded in HB 1028)
  • Invests $2.35B in the Pre-1996 Fund, which includes a $250M supplemental deposit into the Pre-1996 Fund in FY 25
  • Fulfills the promise to direct all gasoline use tax revenues to road funding in FY 24 instead of FY 25 under current law
  • Fully funds state employee pay raises granted by the Governor
  • Provides funding to modernize several National Guard armories

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