Studying Key Issues

Lawmakers to study important issues facing Hoosiers
Lawmakers are kicking off summer study committees to work on policy, examine top issues, gather testimony and recommend legislation ahead of the official start of session in January. 
I was appointed to the Low Barrier Homeless Task Force, which was formed this session through a law I sponsored.

This is an issue near and dear to my heart. At one point in my life I was homeless, so I personally understand the daily struggles so many go through and the challenges they face. Homelessness involves many factors, including employment opportunities, affordable housing and access to mental health and addiction resources. I look forward to finding solutions on this task force.

Members of the public are welcomed to attend and testify at committee hearings, which typically occur at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. Hearings are also livestreamed and archived online, where committee calendars and meeting agendas are posted.

Click here for a list of topics state legislators will be examining and please reach out if you plan on visiting the Statehouse.

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