Supporting Law Enforcement, Boosting Accountability & Transparency In Policing

In light of law enforcement scrutiny this summer culminating in calls by some to defund the police, House Republicans remain more committed than ever to supporting and strengthening the capabilities of Indiana’s law enforcement officers in order to keep our communities safe. Recognizing that a narrow percentage of dishonest officers delegitimize the efforts and integrity of upstanding, quality officers who risk their lives every day to protect Hoosiers, House Republicans are also committed to increasing transparency and accountability within the law enforcement field. Discussions where had with the Indiana Sheriff’s Association, the Indiana Association of the Chiefs of Police, Fraternal Order of Police, and the Indiana State Police. House Bill 1006 renders Indiana poised to be the envy of the Midwest in terms of law enforcement training capabilities.

Passing the house in early February this major police reform bill of 2021 is well on its way. Supported by law enforcement, public defenders and key organizations in Black communities, the measure requires de-escalation training for all police officers. It treats chokeholds as deadly force. And it allows the state training board to “decertify” officers who commit misconduct.

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