Quality of Life


Newburgh has a distinctive sense of place, being the oldest town in Warrick County,  it has a historic architecture that is picturesque with a small town appeal  which helps to nurture a remarkable quality of life for residents and offers an enjoyable experience for visitors.   The details that contribute to the town’s desirable quality of life are important to preserve as the community plans for the future.

It is important in planning for the future of Newburgh, to focus on Warrick County as a whole.  Improving access to services in the northern parts of the county, areas such as Folsomville, Lynnville and Elberfield  will provide economic support for all county residents.   Supporting and facilitating the development of  an enhanced communications  infrastructure in these areas will improve the quality of life for residents.   Providing  access to internet services will help students with school work,  as well as  provide access to business, banking and medical services.

Moving forward Warrick County should ensure that standards for development meet community expectations.  To continue to improve upon quality of life Warrick County must ensure that economic development is consistent with each local community’s desired vision for the aesthetic and physical characteristics of such development.    By engaging the community, through processes such as collaborative workshops, there will be more confidence in local government and less opposition to growth

Quality of life is difficult to define and measure , as it involves so many different aspects of life,  including elements such as infrastructure, economic development, outdoor recreation, tourism, access to health services, connectivity, public safety,  arts, history and culture.   These elements directly influence the type of people and business  who choose to live in an area.  Warrick county is at an advantage as it is smaller in population and just now starting to develop into something  larger. Having seen the outcomes of poor planning in larger counties it is important that we plan properly for our future and it cannot be done without the involvement of our residents.

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