Economic Development


Warrick County cannot move into the future without a government focused on innovation. Real innovation originates with change. By respecting the past and balancing future innovation with the commitment of conservative principles,  Warrick County can maintain what is good and worth tending while improving  infrastructure,  services and processes that will maximize efficiency, decrease cost and increase revenue.

Nearly 75% of the country’s population is within a 12-hour driving distance of the Southern Indiana . St. Louis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville and Louisville can all be reached by interstate within three hours, while Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Cleveland are an eight-hour drive or less, With this central location Southern Indiana is ideal for businesses needing to purchase or supply goods or products anywhere within the central or eastern United States.  There is no reason why Warrick County should not be part of this.  The Council should support both new business and business expansion in Warrick County.   Each company seeking tax abatement should be reviewed on an individual basis to determine the opportunity for jobs provided, proposed revenue,  and any possible impact on existing Warrick County business.

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Cindy Ledbetter, Warrick County Council, District 1

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