2022/2023 STATE BUDGET

Budget breakdown

Budget Priorities for 2022/2023

  •  Enact a responsible, balanced state budget that does not grow government
  •  Strengthen our commitment to students and teachers
  •  Help small business and accelerate economic recovery
  •  Invest in law enforcement training facilities and programs
  •  Address critical health needs
  •  Make strategic investments in infrastructure

Budget is balanced and lives within our means

  • Conservative spending levels will provide opportunities for future tax cuts and reforms
  • Budget maintains healthy reserves in both years of the biennium –  Healthy reserves protect taxpayers, guard against future recessions, and ensure that Indiana maintains a triple-A credit rating
  • Reduces taxpayer funded debt by over one billion dollars 

 ▫ Deposits $600M into the Pre-1996 Teachers Retirement Fund

▫ Pays off  $110M of state building debt and $192M of highway debt

▫ Cash funds the present value ($231M) of the state’s longterm financial obligation for the South Shore Westlake and double tracking projects

▫ Reimburses the Next Level Connections Fund for the $205M appropriation made to NICTD for the South Shore projects

  • Earmarks $500M of federal stimulus dollars for deposit into the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

To Learn more about budget dollars click on the links below






school budget

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