Local Income Tax Increase: Public Safety Plan and Discussion

The Council will be meeting this Thursday to make a decision on moving forward with bringing the matter of raising the local income tax to a vote, please realize there will not be voting to increase the tax on Thursday, only voting to consider pursuing the issue of a tax increase.

The Towns have recently completed and presented a public safety plan to the Council. Now that each of the municipalities has come forward, I believe that before pursuing an increase it is now time for the County to develop a plan. A plan which includes the information presented from the municipalities as well as one that meets the needs of County which should include plans for saving for a new jail as well as increases in personnel to meet the needs of the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office.

I am of the opinion that our county needs a comprehensive public safety plan. In order for our County and Towns to be successful we have to look at and meet the needs of the County as a whole. It is simply much more fiscally responsible to share and combine our resources and consider our strengths and weaknesses while moving forward in plan development. Taking this issue on in haste removes much of the transparency and responsibility that we as a County owe you, our constituents.

I am unsure how the rest of the Council feels on this matter, but I do see it being inevitable that sometime in the future the Council will bring this matter to a vote. I am simply asking the Council and the Towns that we take our time in matters such as these so that we can have the best outcome for our county, municipalities and residents.

Please know that I am fully in support of a County Public Safety Committee, this does not mean I am in support of raising taxes. I am very much in support of our law enforcement and fire personnel; I am simply not sure that raising taxes is a necessity

I think there are other ways to improve revenue and fiscal outcomes for public safety needs and forming a committee is a good place to start reviewing revenue options. With that being stated, I am only one elected official, and it takes a group of like-minded people to reach outcomes such as these. And, in politics, as you well know, we do not always share the same values or opinions on matters such as these. This is why your input is so important; as I am here to serve and represent you.

I have attached the Towns public safety plan for your review. I have yet to read the plan, I am on vacation this week and will be reading this over the next few days. I ask that you as a resident also take the time to read the plan and reach out to me and other council and or town members with your thoughts, concerns and questions. Your insight and knowledge regarding these matters is very important to me and we would love to see you at the meeting Thursday.

5 thoughts

  1. I’m against raising any more taxes. I think our county and cities should learn to live within their means. The development in this area and property taxes should be sufficient.


  2. I’m with Melinda on this issue – I’ve said it before. Just look around folks – the population here has been growing in leaps and bounds – the construction of expensive homes has exploded – think about that – the influx of new homes have and will provide an increase of tax revenue for the county to use – and property taxes here are already rediculous if you compare to any person living elsewhere in any other Indiana county. Now they are looking to tax more on your income to make up for what ??


  3. I would suggest a County Public Safety Director. This person would be hired on a merit system contract.
    This person would be responsible for bringing all of the county emergency services together.
    This would In no way have any effect on County elected positions, however they will still work under the umbrella of the County Director.
    The Director would be responsible for budgeting and the over all utilization of assets while allowing the current entities to maintain an autonomous position


  4. No. I don’t believe Warrick County knows how to spend the money they already get. For example, on our property taxes we pay for storm water collection where we live by Angel Mounds, yet we have no storm water collection. Or should I say my husband and I and a couple of our neighbors end up taking care of all the storm water in our subdivision since we are in the low spot and are constantly flooded when it rains. Our septic systems take the brunt of it and we end up paying more in maintenance because our tanks get back flow from the field beds and then our curtain pumps work over time trying to rid the field beds of water. We’ve lived here for 8 years and in all that time no one from the county came to do anything until earlier this year. The guys that came out scraped the sides of the road for “shoulders” and then took the grass out of our ditch before laying down another layer of asphalt on the road that only made our problem worse. I really don’t understand why we needed a new layer of asphalt all the way around, the roads were just fine. What we needed was all the ditches dug deeper on both sides of the road. No one from the county has ever asked what might be helpful. We have no street lights and we all have wells and septic. No one from county government much cares about what goes on over here, and I’m sure there are many others in the county dealing with similar issues. I certainly don’t want them taking more of my money when I will never see any results from it.


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