Newburgh Pool & Raising Taxes in Warrick County

Warrick County currently has one of the lowest local income tax rates in the state, 0.500%.  There has been recent talks at council meetings about increasing this local income tax (not property taxes, but the tax on your employment earnings) and a few of Warrick County towns such as Chandler and Newburgh have reached out to the County to discuss increasing  the local income tax rate in an effort to increase revenue to meet needs for issues such as public safety and quality of life for our county.

Some of the members of the Newburgh Town Council state that increasing this tax rate will allow for the town of Newburgh to rebuild a pool.  Because I represent District 1, which includes the town of Newburgh I want to hear your thoughts regarding both the pool and the tax rate.

Figure 1  provides information on the local income tax dollars received by the county and each town over the last five years and the revenue that an increase in tax would provide.

LIT tax increases

Figure 1

I have two questions to ask you of you.  You may email me your response at, leave a response on Facebook,  or send me a message on my Facebook Page.  I only ask that in your response you share your address or council district.  If you are unaware of what county council district you live in you can find that information by entering your address in the open box at the top of  this website page  clicking on “ID area” and then clicking inside of your highlighted property box, the area to the left of the screen should populate and provide you with both your commissioner and council districts.   You may also use the map below (figure 2)  but it may be difficult to follow.  

My first question is regarding the pool, if a new pool were to be built in Newburgh  would you prefer that it be built in the Town of Newburgh at its former location at Lou Dennis Park or would you prefer  to have a pool at Friedman Park and a splash pad at Lou Dennis Park?  I have talked with several residents and many would prefer a splash pad at the old pool site, but concerns have been shared about the poverty level in the town of Newburgh and the children in the Town not having the ability to visit a pool at Friedman Park.

My second question is how do you feel about raising the local income tax in the county which would be to meet the needs for the local towns which are seeking an increase in revenue?  I am not and will never be a proponent of raising taxes, but I want to hear your voice and thoughts on the matter as I am working for and representing you, the taxpayer.

The next County Council Meeting is Thursday June 6th at 6:00 pm, I would like to hear from you before then,  if you want to have more of a voice in this matter, I ask that you attend the meeting and/or  reach out to the council member representing  your district as well as the at large members of the council, contact information is below. You can also find this information at

I enjoy serving Warrick County and hope to receive a good amount of response on this matter.  Remember “YOUR VOICE IS LOUDEST IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD”


Figure 2

District #1
Cindy Ledbetter
PO Box 1174
Newburgh, IN 47629

District #2

Richard Reid


District #3
Greg Richmond
1701 Bannerstone Dr.
Boonville, IN 47601
Home: 812-897-2323
Cell: 812-573-9085

District #4
David Hachmeister
744 S. Rockport Rd
Boonville, IN 47601
Home: 812-897-4557
Cell: 812-202-0944

Ted Metzger
1433 Mt. Gilead
Boonville, IN 47604

Brad Overton
185 Dusty Rd.
Boonville, IN 47601
Home: 812-897-4019

Charlie Christmas
544 E Shelton Rd.
Boonville, IN 47601
Cell: 812-305-1928

4 thoughts

  1. I believe this tax increase is unnecessary for planned purpose. Have you considered other areas of Warrick county who have nothing? Lynnville, Elberfeld?? When will these areas be considered, for anything??? Your plan is offensive.


    1. Ms. Folsom, in response to your concerns about my inquiry. It is written that this tax increase in for the county as a whole, not just for one certain town. So it would benefit Lynnville and Elberfield.

      The tax increase would not be to meet the needs for a new pool, quite frankly it wouldn’t even begin to pay for Newburgh to have a pool. It would be to meet the needs of the towns, the county in my opinion has plenty of money.

      I am unsure as to the confusion regarding the matter, I think it may be to the fact that I represent District 1 which includes the Town of Newburgh and my sharing of their concerns about losing the pool.

      I’m sorry I did not make my post more clear.


  2. Cindy,
    Thank you for the opportunity to respond. My thoughts are not to raise the County Income tax. I live in District 1 and when my children were small we visited the pool but found it outdated and not kept well. I think if the town of Newburgh wants another pool it should be a part of its budget not the overall County’s. Let them become a City, annex more land to raise the taxes needed to fund their services. The cost is not just to build a pool but maintain it forever, a never ending cost.
    In the chart above it seems like the town of Boonville receives an exceptional portion of the tax already. Maybe a restructure of the payout can be achieved over a 5-10 yr time frame to help with revenue for these smaller but growing towns.
    It seems that Boonville and Newburgh have received more than 10% increases in funding for the last several years. What have they done with this increase? My suggestion is if a town wants to do a capital project that has ongoing costs, like a pool, at least fund the project with private and gov’t funding raising then they may be able to budget in the ongoing maintenance. Has the Town of Newburgh surveyed it’s land owners to even see if they want a pool?
    Just some thoughts,
    Cleo Holder, CFP


    1. Hi Cleo, yes survey was completed by USI and a pool is wanted (I am not sure this survey included just the town of Newburgh it may have included the 47630 area) . and fundraising is in planning. It will be a substantial campaign. I think my post is a little confusing in that I have added the pool into the tax conversation. The towns are all seeking an increase in revenue for basic needs. Because of my representation of District 1 included the pool as it is a very important topic in Newburgh, and I want to hear everyone’s thoughts

      Thank you for responding


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