Workforce & Economic Development


As more baby boomers retire and additional companies choose to grow or locate in our state more than one million jobs are expected to open in Indiana over the next decade.    Improving Indiana’s  workforce has been and will continue to be a top priority for our state. During the 2018 session, the Senate and House of Representatives authored bills that work together to enhance our workforce.

Senate Enrolled Act 50 improves how workforce development is overseen in Indiana by creating the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet and  increases students’ access to career coaches to help them identify career paths.  House Enrolled Act 1002 works to expand eligibility for job-training programs and reimburses employers for the training necessary to fill high-need jobs. Both of these bills were recently signed into law by Gov. Holcomb.

With nearly 75% of the country’s population being within a 12-hour driving distance of  Southern Indiana,  Warrick County’s central location is ideal for businesses needing to purchase or supply goods or products anywhere within the central or eastern United States.   With Warrick County’s low tax rate and new opportunities for workforce development from the state there is no reason why Warrick County should not be able have growth, but it needs to be “smart” growth.

Growth and development, if managed improperly, can negatively affect a community’s quality of life, leading to automobile congestion, pollution, and sprawl.   When elected to County Council I want to focus on “smart” growth and economic development.  Even though I represent District 1,  I want to work towards developing areas that have limited access to medical and other services, areas such as Tennyson, Elberfield and Lynvnille.  I want to focus on our county as a whole using strategies that  aim to provide more convenience and choice for residents and employees, strategies that emphasize quality of life.

As a council member I will support  both new business and business expansion in Warrick County.  Businesses seeking tax abatement should  be considered on an individual basis ensuring opportunity for jobs provided,  proposed revenue versus cost,  and any possible impact on existing Warrick County business.


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